Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brown Sugar Babe

Photographed By Ellinor Forje

I'm about to go Emily Weiss on you with this scrub by Fresh so Fresh so Fresh! Before "Into the Gloss", my first encounter with Brown Sugar Body Polish was at Barneys last year. At the time in question, for all I knew, the product could have been some snake oil venture of gravel in a jar as I'd never heard of the brand, nor considered exfoliating with brown sugar before. 

That said, fastforward a couple of months, and whom do I spot with the polish in their bathroom? Misty Copeland! Needless to say that I thought, "Hold up a sec, if it's good enough for a prima ballerina, then it's good enough for me.".

It's authentic, the sugar. I know this because I put a spoon to the polish (curiosity is my downfall) which also contains ginseng and citrus oils. With all the natural ingredients, why not pull a DIY?- you ask. Good question. I think it can be done. Then again, I once asked a chemistry student whether it was feasible to turn lead into gold. He said that it's possible but the time and cost involved in the procedure would outweigh the financial benefits of the transformed metal - or something of that nature.

Nature aside, I've used it just now, the scrub. This leads me to take y'all to you church because I feel cleansed. Can I get a witness? Hallelujah. Praise the BS! I'm not exaggerating. My skin feels really soft and scents celestial.

Also, before I'm out - excuse me for going D'Angelo on you, but here's some more brown sugar. And here's the real brown sugar after hours special.


  1. Great product. Expensive though. I have a brown sugar perfume that I'm taking with me to my grave.

  2. I have to try it! I am searching the perfect scrub!